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Unaccustomed Earth – Part I

June 22, 2009

unaccustomed_earthI’ve been reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s “Unaccustomed Earth” and am loving it.  I finished Part I last night and had some thoughts on the short stories so far:

  • The first story, “Unaccustomed Earth,” feels unfinished to me.  I would love for Lahiri to write a novel on this storyline – I need to know what happens to Ruma, her father, her family, Mrs. Bagchi.  I think there is a lot more to explore on this storyline.
  • “Only Goodness” broke my heart.  I have a brother who is considerably younger than me and reading about the failing relationship between Sudha and Rahul was heartbreaking.
  • The last story, “Nobody’s Business” may have been my favorite.  Lahiri does a fantastic job of illustrating the relationships among the characters.  Sang began as a strong, independent character and it was interesting to see her change throughout the story.

I really like the way Lahiri writes – “The Namesake”  was a fantastic novel and so far I love her short stories.  I love how she focuses mostly on Indian and Bengali families – its pretty foreign to me, but she makes it very interesting and entertaining.

I’m loving “Unaccustomed Earth” and I will post on Part II when I finish!

Read Part II here.


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