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A Reliable Wife

August 15, 2009

I was a little unsure starting A Reliable Wife. The premise had the possibility of being incredibly cheesy and, at the beginning, I was afraid it would turn into a trashy romance novel.  I was pleasantly surprised.


But, I have to say, I cannot remember a time when I was so annoyed by the stupidity of characters in a novel 🙂   The premise of the book is that Catherine answers Ralph’s ad for a wife and travels to rural Wisconsin to marry him.  Of course, everyone has secrets and ulterior motives and, through some twists and turns, things turn out differently then what we expected.  But at times, both Catherine and Ralph acted so ridiculously that I wanted to jump inside the book and smack them.

What I liked best about A Reliable Wife is that Goolrick drops hints and clues silently throughout the book, keeping the reading guessing and wondering how things will play out. It’s a book to think about, and I appreciate that.

Word on the street is that the novel will be made into a film.  I’m interested to see how that plays out – who will play Catherine?  And Tony?  Will they stay close to the novel’s storyline?  Will the film do the novel justice?  I guess these are always my questions when I hear that a novel is being made into a film, but maybe moreso with this novel, since these choices will really make or break it.


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