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Mass Writing

September 8, 2009

I saw this Associated Press article today about James Patterson signing a 17 book deal.  He has three years to write these 17 works, which will include 10 adult thrillers, one nonfiction piece and six young adult novels.

This seems completely ridiculous to me.  In order to pump out 17 books in three years he’ll either have to have some hefty help writing (and at which point does it mean that James Patterson is not actually writing the books?) or will be following a silly trashy romance novel-like preset formula.

I am not a huge James Patterson fan, so maybe that is where my hesitance lies, but I just don’t think quality work can be mass produced.  I guess we will see when the 17 books start rolling out, but my guess is that these will be formulaic works without much imagination and will basically be written by others with a prominent “James Patterson” on the front to make sure they sell plenty of copies.

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