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Green Metropolis

September 19, 2009

green MetropolisI am usually more of a fiction reader, but when I got the chance to read David Owen’s newest book Green Metropolis, I jumped at the chance.  I am a self-described tree-hugger and am always looking for ways to be friendlier to the environment and Green Metropolis promised to offer some useful suggestions.

David Owen’s idea is that contrary to popular belief, cities like Manhattan are actually more environmentally friendly than rural or suburban locations.  Although one thinks of living in the country, close to nature, as a greener type of life, Owen illustrates how urban life is in fact much greener.  His argument is simple: living closely together in smaller quarters with less cars ensures that city dwellers have less of an impact on the environment then their suburban counterparts.

Owen definitely did his homework – he sites plenty of statistics, books and facts to back up his theory.  And he has at least one convert – instead of taking my car, I’ll be hopping on the next bus and taking the T to work much more often.  If I can’t live in Manhattan, I can at least make my little piece of Boston a bit greener.

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