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Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife

November 8, 2009

anne frankI remember reading “The Diary of Anne Frank” in middle school.  It’s a unique book, not only for the obvious reasons, but because it gives the reader an intimate look into the life of someone who never intended to have anyone read her work.  It’s also amazing that as a 12 or 13 y ear old I was reading the work of someone my age, who had a far more mature outlook on life and people.

But I had no idea that her diary was not her complete work.  Makes sense now that I think about it, but her father, upon finding her diary, edited out some entries, ideas and subjects.  Francine Prose has now published Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife, which is a commentary on Anne Frank as an author and the story of how the diary was published.

I read a great review of Prose’s work on the Miami Herald website and am excited to check out this book.  Anne Frank is a fascinating person and I think Prose’s novel will introduce an entirely new side of her.

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