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Reading 2.0

April 3, 2010

Along with my book loving tendencies, I’m also a bit of a social media geek.  I tweet probably too often and have been known to check-in on Foursquare in the middle of dinner.  With Apple, I usually watch interestingly but don’t purchase.  I have an iPod, but I picked Blackberry over the iPhone and a Dell over Mac.

Obviously I’m also a huge fan of books.  As in actual books – 200 pages of clean text on ivory pages.  I think e-readers are great for lots of people (and  maybe even me in the future), so that is why the iPad as an e-reader has intrigued me.  The iPad is obviously much more than just an e-reader,  but it does feature an iBook store and app and has a “virtual bookshelf and pretty page turning animations” (from Wirefly Learn).

So for e-reader lovers, how does it compare to Kindle?  I found this good PC World article written by Lex Friedman who has a Kindle but of course wants an iPad as well.  He lists some concerns he has about the iPad (back light, integrated dictionary and “reading in bed” screen features) and determines that if Apple solves those well, he’ll more than likely be retiring his Kindle.

As with most Apple devices, I think this first version will lack not only the bells and whistles, but also some of the best features of the Kindle. But Apple always upgrades and improves (while forcing early adopters to upgrade their devices as well – sneaky, sneaky Apple) so I’m curtain that the iPad will eventually be a pretty threatening competitor to the Kindle.  What do you think?

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  1. April 3, 2010 8:51 am

    I’m with you — I’m just not ready to get rid of my real books just yet.

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