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Books and Their Covers

May 20, 2010

There is an exhibit currently at Boston College that focuses on the beauty of book covers, which I think is a really cool topic.  As a book blogger, I focus 99% of my attention on the work itself and usually pay very little attention to the cover of the novel.  But when I visited the Huntington Library last year I realized that book covers can be really wonderful to examine on their own.  Historical works often have very unique and ornate covers so I think this exhibit will be really fun to investigate.

From the Event Description:

Welcome to an exhibit of beautiful books. Unlike most of our exhibits, this one focuses not on the intellectual content of the books in our collection, but rather on what they look like. One often thinks of law books in utilitarian terms, but this exhibit proves they can be objects of delight and desire as well. Over the centuries their owners must have loved and appreciated them as works of art, just as we do today.

The exhibit was curated by Karen Beck, Curator of Rare Books / Collection Development Librarian and will be on view throughout the month.  See all the details on the event here.

Beautiful original copy of Canterbury Tales from the Huntington Library

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