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Saturday Shopping

August 30, 2010

Saturday was a beautiful day here in Boston and I walked to Harvard Square and of course stopped at Harvard Book Store.  I tried to stay only in the used book section and was pretty pleased with myself for doing so 🙂  I also made a stop at Porter Square Books on my way home.

I plan to read along with the Japanese Literature class that my brother is taking this semester, so I grabbed a copy of Naomi by Junichiro Tanizaki.  Amazon says that Naomi was written in 1924 and tells the story of Joji and young Naomi.  Significantly older than Naomi, Joji “takes her to live with him, tries to groom her (with English and music lessons), indulges her whims, encourages her ‘Western’ ways, and eventually marries her.”  But, apparently, her “Westernization” is going to bring some trouble to both her and Joji.

Another book on the syllabus is Murakami’s Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman. I haven’t read this collection of short stories, but I kind of can’t wait to get started on it.  One of the stories focuses on Toru, the nostalgic hero of Norwegian Wood, which I recently  finished.  Last but not least, I grabbed a copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Feeling a little nostalgic myself since Salinger died earlier this year, I couldn’t find my copy and really wanted to add this novel to my bookshelves.

I also have quite a few books sitting on my bookshelf that I haven’t gotten to yet.  I’m trucking along through People of the Book but I’m considering ditching it for something I’m a little more interested in.  We’ll see…

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  1. August 31, 2010 9:55 am

    Kim, have you read Moloka’i? It’s historical fiction, set in Hawaii; I read it last year and I think you’d like it! I might also need to pick up a new copy of CitR too…

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