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Friday Finds – Super Crunchers

September 3, 2010

Since I was so enamored with Freakonomics, one of my new coworkers let me borrow Super Crunchers: Why Thinking-by-Numbers Is the New Way to Be Smart by Ian Ayres.  The description from Amazon seems interesting:

Yale Law School professor and econometrician Ayres argues in this lively and enjoyable book that the recent creation of huge data sets allows knowledgeable individuals to make previously impossible predictions. He calls the data set analysts super crunchers and discusses the changes they’re making to industries like medical diagnostics, air travel pricing, screenwriting and online dating services…Ayres skillfully demonstrates the importance that statistical literacy can play in our lives, especially now that technology permits it to occur on a scale never before imagined.

I’ve added a few extra days to the Labor Day long weekend and will be spending time eating, drinking and relaxing with friends.  Super Crunchers is coming with me, but so is People of the Book, since I STILL haven’t finished it.  I am actually starting to enjoy it a bit more, so it may not end up as my pick for a “Unfinished Friday” post 🙂

Any good plans for the long weekend?

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