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Super Crunchers

October 27, 2010

I loved Freakonomics which takes everyday paradoxes, questions and perplexities and explains them via economics. Super Crunchers is along the same idea, with some really interesting facts and studies.

Written by Yale Law School professor and econometrician  Ian Ayres, Super Crunchers introduces us to huge amounts of data that have been collected and shows us how these statistics can be used to make accurate predictions about everyday things. Some of the examples Ayres uses are how these scores of data are changing industries like airline prices, Hollywood movie production and online dating services.

Some of the examples Ayres illustrates are really interesting – my favorite was Hollywood movies – but I can’t say that the book as a whole was as engaging as Freakonomics. Maybe I just liked the writing style of Freakonomics better, since it read more like fiction.

Super Crunchers has some really interesting points and the huge amounts of data available to analyze, assess and theorize about – a goldmine for those who know how to use it.

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