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To Read: Adam’s Peak

June 6, 2011

I just got back from a weekend in Montreal, which I fell in love with. Such an amazing city. The weather was beautiful, everyone was outside, walking, sitting at cafes, enjoying the parks, browsing the city. We saw McGill University, toured the biodome, walked all through Parc du Mont-Royal, and relaxed in Parc La Fontaine. We ate amazing food, met great people, and spent some quality time at the US border because one of us forgot our green card (hint: it wasn’t me) 🙂

So now that I love Montreal, I really want to read a novel set there. I found this one, Adam’s Peak by Heather Burt and think it looks pretty good.

From  Goodreads:

On a stifling August day, six-year-old Clare Fraser and seven-year-old Rudy Vantwest make eye contact from opposite sides of their street. For an instant they are connected, then each turns away. Twenty-five years later, Clare and Rudy, strangers living continents apart, fixtures of each otherís memories and imaginations, are connected again. Overturning the guarded, insular lives they both lead, two events — one an accident, the other an act of terror — transform them both and bind the Vantwest and Fraser families irrevocably.

Adam’s Peak weaves back and forth between a Montreal suburb and a Colombo private school, between a Ceylon tea estate at the end of the Second World War and a small Scottish town in the early 1960s, its characters struggling desperately to come to terms with themselves and with their powerful connections to the people and places they have tried to escape.

Have you been to Montreal? Do you love it? Read any books set in Montreal or Quebec?

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