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Goodbye, Dear Friend

July 19, 2011

I had a part time job at Borders for nearly four years. When I first moved to Boston I didn’t know many people and my full time job didn’t have much to offer in the friend department. So I considered my favorite things – books and coffee – and applied at Borders and Starbucks. A loony fellow named Nick called me for an interview at Borders and the rest was history.

I loved working at Borders – I got to talk to people (I love to talk) about books (my favorite thing on the planet). And my coworkers at Borders made the job just amazing. There was Henry, who knew everything you could possibly know about Borders; Tom, a priest who wore a fanny pack; and Jason, everyone’s adopted-grandpa. Perry brought in macaroni and cheese for everyone and Nick made the craziest closing announcements. We all went out for drinks after our shifts on Sundays.

We had a midnight party for the release of the last Harry Potter book and we all dressed up.

And sometimes we just did random stuff.

The thing is, I really freaking loved that job. It changed my whole life. The loony fellow, Nick, who interviewed me, became one of my best friends. And his now-girlfriend Audrey (who started just after me) is another. I met my amazingly wonderful boyfriend Andrew at Borders Chestnut Hill. I met Lisa and Bryan. Tom and Dylan. And Tasha and Phil and Dan and Kelley. And Jamie, Calvin, Tracey, Susan, Becca, Suzie, Duffy. So many awesome people.

When I started working at Borders, I had just moved to Boston and didn’t know many people. Borders changed all that. I actually looked forward to going to work every Wednesday night and Sunday because it didn’t even feel like work – it was more like talking about books and hanging out with my friends. We were such an amazing team and our manager Dan would remind us of that: “Team work makes the dream work,” he would say. Oh, Dan, you are awesome.

My store closing last January was so sad. Borders closing is even sadder. Borders might have been a really poorly run company (ahem, it was) that was always one step behind (online orders, e-readers), but, man, I really freaking loved that job. I am so so so so glad that Starbucks never called me and that Nick did. And that a few months later, Audrey decided to work there, and a few years later, Andrew. What would my life be without these people? Without coffee at the register, Thalia dancing in the cafe, bad gift wrapping jobs, and moving religion books to the science fiction section? It may not have been the best company in the world, but I’ll be forever grateful to Borders Books, Music and Cafe.

Goodbye, dear friend.

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  1. Jen S. permalink
    July 19, 2011 5:12 pm

    Awesome post, and I just LOVE the part about moving religion books to science fiction! I am laughing out loud – that is hilarious!!!

  2. Kathy Moniz permalink
    July 19, 2011 9:29 pm

    What a wonderful tribute!! So sad about the closings but great that you have made so many wonderful friendships. Ditto on the Jen post!! LOL

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