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Cool Kids Books

September 2, 2011

I like to buy my nephews books because, well, I love books. I think books make you smart and interested in the world; they lead you to question things and learn new things and change your mind and think about things in a new way. These are things I love because I think you should be thinking and changing your whole life.

Kids love books and when they are little is the perfect time to get them hooked for life 🙂  My nephews get books from me pretty much all the time because I want them to love reading. One of the things I love about children’s books is that they are always screaming, “You’re great!” “You’re different and that’s cool!” “Life is so fun!” I think everyone could use reinforcement like that every day – just like good ol’ Jessica:

Anyway, back to books. Here are some kids’ books that I love and that my nephews and friends’ babies either have or will more than likely be receiving:

Giraffes Can’t Dance  by Giles Andreae – Gerald the giraffe thinks he’s a bad dancer but he learns that he’s a great dancer, if he has the music that is right for him. I don’t love how the other animals make fun of him, but I love that in the end being different is super cool.


The Boy with Pink Hair  by Perez Hilton – I’ve never read this one but it’s new and looks so cute! The book states that “He was born that way-The Boy with Pink Hair. He had a cotton candy colored mop that no one had ever seen before.” The boy isn’t afraid to be who he is and knows that his uniqueness makes a difference. What a great message for us all.

A Special Trade by Sally Wittman – My sister and I had this book when we were little and it is so sweet and a little sad. A little girl and her neighbor have a great relationship and as she grows up and he gets older, their relationship changes. Soon it’s her who is helping him, rather than him leading the way.

What are your favorite children’s books?

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  1. sandra wilson permalink
    September 9, 2011 1:59 pm

    I bought A is for Asparagus on my kindle. I got it for my niece and we read it together, hysterical. A plot to destroy the world’s asparagus and a tween French vegetable detective. My 6 year old niece now calls her brother a porcine prevaricator, better than doo doo head anyday!

  2. Adi Kunle permalink
    December 12, 2011 3:20 pm

    The boy with pink hair has a beautiful message that is great for both Children and Adults. I recently read also a new beautifully illustrated book by the Author H Aitoro and his daughter A Aitoro. It has a beautiful message about people from different backgrounds come together at the Carnival Fete. Titled Amapara the Carnival Fete it has a number of positive messages that we can all learn from. Great cultural aid.

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