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“Short Escapes in New England” and the Hickory Stick Bookshop

September 12, 2011

Over Labor Day weekend, Andrew and  I thought it’d be fun to go away for a night. We weren’t sure where to go or what to do so we consulted this great book that my boss let me borrow, Short Escapes In New England: 25 Country Getaways for People Who Love to Walk.

At first we thought Amherst, MA would be fun but then realized that visiting a college town on Labor Day weekend would more than likely be a mess. So I consulted the book again and found this great walk in Litchfield, CT at the White Memorial, which has 35 miles of trails and is just about two and a half hours from Boston.

We jumped in the car, listened to an audio book, Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet (pretty interesting book), and headed to CT. It was pretty overcast, so we  decided to stop a museum we thought would be interesting, rather than going right to the White Memorial to walk around. The museum was The Institute for American Indian Studies and it was really interesting. In addition to the awesome exhibits inside, there was also a Replicated Algonkian Village outside, which was really cool. There were wigwams made of tree bark in various stages of construction so you could see how they were actually constructed and really nice trails through the woods all around the museum.

After leaving the museum, we of course decided to not go to the White Memorial and walk around, which was the whole reason we went to CT in the first place, but whatever. We decided instead to go straight to the B&B we had booked in Torrington, CT – the Inn at Mount Pleasant.

On our way, we stopped at this cute little bookstore called The Hickory Stick Bookshop.

When we walked in the front door, there were four big stuffed dogs greeting us at the entrance. One was black and of course reminded me of Harry Potter’s “Snuffles.” 🙂  Andrew and I looked around for a quite a long time – they had a great selection of books and a local author had been reading there earlier in the day, so he was still there and people were still chatting with him. They also had a huge selection of  toys and games and the staff was super nice.

Leaving the bookshop, we grabbed some ice cream and headed to the B&B where we met Bob and Maggie, the innkeepers.  They were completely awesome, friendly, and helpful and the inn was gorgeous. We stayed in the beautiful Mason Deming Room:

We had such a great time in CT, even if we never did get to the White Memorial, which is really the whole reason we booked the trip. But, we learned a ton about building wigwams, met “Snuffles” at a  local bookshop, and ate breakfast at the B&B with a totally random couple from San Francisco. So we enjoyed our long weekend and I guess we’ll just have to go back, stay with Bob and Maggie, and finally walk the White Memorial.

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  1. September 12, 2011 6:24 pm

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. That is a very nice area to visit.

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