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The Artsy Library

November 30, 2011

I love the library. When I first moved to Boston, one of the first places I sought out was my local library. At that time, I lived in Newton, and Newton main library is incredibly nice. Huge, gorgeous building; a huge collection; and lots of unique programs: a fiction writing group, teens and kids programs, and special adult programs on different topics like poetry, history, or financial literacy. They even have art exhibits at the library. But not all libraries are created equal. And all across the country libraries are being hit hard by budget cuts.

I saw this article in my daily email from GOOD magazine (which I LOVE because it is an amazing magazine with amazing stories). University of Wisconsin library science students have founded a project called the Library as Incubator Project. They wanted to bring attention to the “significant but often unsung role that libraries play in the lives of artists and writers as sources of inspiration and creative refuges.” According to the Library as Incubator’s website, the project focuses on ways libraries and artists can work together and features:

  • Visual artists, performing artists, and writers who use libraries in their communities for inspiration, information, and as gallery space
  • Collections, libraries and library staff that incubate the arts, and the ways that artists can use them effectively
  • Free-to-share resources for librarians looking to incubate the arts at their libraries
  • Ideas for artists looking to connect with their communities through library programming

Libraries are such important community resources. What better way to bring out and nurture our artists, writers, and our creative community members than through the library? Check out the Library Incubator Project and then check out your local library!

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