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January 1, 2012

Look at these amazing bookshelves that Andrew’s dad made us!

I’ve been wanting large bookshelves close to the ceiling for some time, but I wasn’t sure how exactly I could make that happen. I called a “handyman” in the area and he was nice enough to come out, measure, and tell me that it would cost me $1,200. So then he left and that was that because, obviously, that is just ridiculous. Then a friend said he could make them, but that logistically wasn’t really panning out. So when Andrew’s dad said he wanted to make them as a Christmas present to us, I was so excited.

Just two days ago he came over and a few hours later, they were up. They are floating bookshelves, which means they have no visible support, and I think he mostly followed this article on a DIY website.  He made it look sooooooo easy and the finished product is awesome.

First up on the shelves were the “READ” bookends, a gift from my parents this Christmas:

READ Text Bookends by Knob Creek Metal Arts

We let the shelves sit for the weekend while we went away to celebrate the new year. Today we loaded them up with all our favorites. My new complete Harry Potter set from my sister got prominent placing, as well as the aloe plant my aunt gave me for my birthday. The final piece was the “Literature” sign hung below from our days at Borders.

We had a terrific Christmas – spent time with our families and friends, ate great food, took time off from work to relax and regroup, and gave and received some really fabulous gifts. I hope you got your bookshelves – or whatever it was you were hoping for – this holiday season. And happy new year!

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