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Night of Many Dreams By Gail Tsukiyama

June 7, 2012

I grabbed this book at a local bookstore because I really liked Tsukiyama’s Samuri’s Garden and figured I’d give another of her works a try. I wasn’t disappointed.

Night of Many Dreams is told from three different points of view – Joan, Emma, and Auntie Go – over a period of more than twenty years. At the start of the novel, World War II is underway and no one living in Hong Kong believes that Japan will invade the British colony. When the war progresses, we see how it affects 11 year old Emma and her older sister Joan.

Over the years, the family changes as the daughters grow and take paths that differ from what their mother expected. It’s not an action packed story, but captivating in a way that keeps you wondering what will happen to the family as time marches on. I loved both Emma and Joan and wanted to see them succeed, whatever path they chose, and Auntie Go as their fearless advocate never disappointed.

I definitely recommend Night of Many Dreams and since this makes two of Tsukiyama’s novels that I loved, I’ll be checking out her others.

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