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Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames

August 10, 2012

My aunt and I have always had similar taste in books. Years ago, she and I, along with my sister, joined a book club at the Providence Public Library. The club was six months long and each month we read a book set in a different New England state. We had so much fun reading and chatting about books that she sometimes still passes along books to me that she really liked. Such was the case with Wake Up, Sir! by Jonathan Ames. This book is so random and so different – it’s nothing like I’d ever read before.

Our protagonist is Alan Blair, who lives with his aunt and uncle in their New Jersey home. He’s a struggling writer who is working on his second novel after his mildly-successful debut work. He has recently hired a valet named Jeeves, who helps Alan with daily activities, keeping him out of his uncle’s way and offering writing advice.

As Wake Up, Sir! continues, we learn more about Alan – some things that are very surprising – and then we travel with him as he takes a road trip with Jeeves. As we ride along, we realize that things aren’t exactly what they seem. We adventure to an artist’s colony and a deserted inn, we witness a slipper theft and see an infatuating nose, and meet a cast of characters that could be patients at a mental institution. Alan fits in surprisingly well and it’s not long before you can’t help but wonder…

I loved this book because you don’t know what’s going on. AT ALL. I still argue with myself and my aunt about Alan and Jeeves, the colony, the road trip, the inn, the characters, the ending – everything. If you want to read and discuss and second guess, Wake Up, Sir! certainly gives you plenty to ponder.


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