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Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

April 7, 2013

Sputnik SweetheartI love Murakami and one of my goals is to read everything he’s written. I bought Sputnik Sweetheart years ago when I worked at the bookstore and finally picked it up to read before we headed off on our trip to Iceland (which was amazing).

Our narrator, K, and Sumire have been friends for years. Although he’s in love with her, she seems to have no desire for anyone, until she meets a woman 17 years older than her and unexpectedly falls for her. Sumire is an aspiring writer, supported by her parents, but she decides to give up writing when her crush, Miu, offers her a job.

Sumire enters the corporate world, puts on business suits, and even begins traveling with Miu. Her friendship with K begins to falter, but when Sumire goes missing while on a small Greek island with Miu, Miu immediately calls K. He flies out to the island and begins searching for Sumire. He discovers some of her recent writings and tries to put together the pieces of what happened to Sumire.

I liked Sputnik Sweetheart but it wasn’t my favorite Murakami. I like Murakami because his works are usually pretty crazy, but for some reason easy to believe. Sputnik Sweetheart wasn’t really that hard to believe or unusual, so it didn’t seem terribly Murakami-ish to me.  The story Miu tells about her trip on the ferris wheel was probably my favorite part of the book, because it was the typical Murakami bizarro story I was looking for.

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