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Ice Land by Betsy Tobin

April 26, 2013

We recently went to Iceland and it was the most wonderful and amazing trip.  Reykjavík is a great city, the people are super friendly, and we saw and did amazing things like walk on a glacier. I cannot wait to go back.

Ice LandWe learned a ton about Iceland from two tour guides we had while we were there – from myths about trolls and elves, to historical accounts, religious differences, political situations, and cultural stories.  We tried skyr, an Icelandic treat similar to yogurt, which was delicious. I think one of the reasons that I loved Ice Land by Betsy Tobin so much was because all those little things I’d learned and loved about Iceland are in this book. It just made me so happy to read about all the things I was remembering so fondly from our trip.

Ice Land takes place in Iceland around the year 900. Tobin weaves a tale of pagan gods and goddesses into the story of Fulla, a young Icelandic woman who lives with her grandfather. While Fulla and her grandfather travel to the Alþingi (Althing) to hear the lawspeaker – and her grandfather attempts to find Fulla a husband – Freya, the goddess of love and sexuality, is desperately trying to save the island from impending doom. She journeys across the land riddled with volcanoes and glaciers in search of a gold necklace that is destined to help. We meet dwarfs and giants, travel behind waterfalls and into hot springs, we fly above volcanoes and venture into caves.

It’s an amazing ride, and a great story, that I simply loved. But I’m not sure if someone who hadn’t just recently visited and fallen in love with Iceland would love Ice Land by Betsy Tobin as much as I did.

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