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Agatha Christie Kick

September 11, 2013

I haven’t read many mysteries but I wanted to give them a try and friend recommended that I start with the queen of mysteries, Agatha Christie. And holy moly am I enjoying them. I’ve devoured seven in two months and have two more on my nightstand as we speak. So far I’ve read:

  • And Then There Were None – Recognized as one of Christie’s best works, ten strangers meet on an island and are terrorized while they are killed off one by one.
  • The Murder of Roger Akroyd  – Hercule Poirot has retired to the  fictional village of King’s Abbott in England, but of course he’s on hand to solve the murder of Roger Akroyd, a widower in the small gossipy town.
  • Murder on the Links – Paul Renaud’s body is found in a shallow grave on a golf course near his home. Is the murderer an acquaintance, a member of the household, or a stranger passing by? Hercule Poirot and Hastings are there to solve the crime. 
  • Evil Under the Sun – While vacationing on an island, Hercule Poirot solves the murder of a fellow vacationer. 
  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles – Agatha Christie’s first book in which a wealthy widow is murdered and the key suspects are her stepchildren, the household staff, family friends, and her new husband. 
  • Poirot Investigates and Poirot’s Early Cases – A collection of short stories staring the famous detective Hercule Poirot.

Have you read Agatha? Which are your favorites?

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  1. francesatkinson permalink
    November 23, 2013 6:01 am

    NEVER, but like you, I’ve always been curious about Agatha…unlike you, I haven’t read any…yet. I like the sound of And Then There Were None.

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